Adaline W. Sterling

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Adaline W. Sterling

Adaline Sterling
Nationality American
Occupation Business lady
Home town Englewood
Known for The Book of Englewood

Women's Exchange

Englewood Hospital

Adaline W. Sterling is notable as she was the lead author of the 508 page The Book of Englewood, published by the City government in 1922.

Womens Exchange

In October 1884, the Exchange for Women's Work was organized at a meeting held at the residence of Mrs. Sheppard Homans. The following were elected officers; Mrs. Samuel A. Duncan, President; Mrs Robert J. Hunter, vice-president; Mrs. Sheppard Homans, treasurer; Mrs. George D. Hall, secretary. On the Board were Mrss. Campbell Mortimer, Chester C. Munroe, William E. Tillinghast, William L. Whittemore, and Misses H. L. Sawtelle and A. W. Sterling. The exchange was opened on November 1st in what was then known as The Athenaeum, Jr. the entire idea was to provide a means for gentlewomen to find an outlet to sell the wares they created with their own hands.

Englewood Hospital

In March of 1888 a meeting was called at the Dwight Chapel to discuss opening a small hospital in Englewood. Since the janitor failed to get the room opened, they adjourned to the Collegiate School for Girls at Palisade and Grand aves. The meeting was presided over by William Blaikie. After discussion Dr. Currie moved the appointment of a committee of twelve, six men and six women, to take counsel together and formulate a plan of organization to be presented at a later date. The Blizzard of '88 delayed the next meeting, and it was not to be until March 20th that they again met, this time at the home of Mrs. Sheppard Homans. Articles of incorporation were presented by Stephen G. Clarke, of Tenafly, calling for a Board of 24 Governors. These were named later in the evening, and included among the many well know member of the community, Miss A. W. Sterling.

During the Greenberg administration, Sterling pl. was named for Adaline Sterling.