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Early Ambulance Services were provided in the City, which was rather progressive even then, by the standards of the rest of the nation. Even up to the late 60's ambulance service was largely provided by the local coroner, and a hearse would be sent to collect accident victims on highways.

In 1892 the first ambulance was bought with a subscription underwritten by the Englewood Press. (seen below)
Early ambulance.jpg

In the spirit of the modified hearse theme, when the Englewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps was established in 1954, the ambulances used up until the early 1970's were Cadillac modified hearses... i.e. painted red and white instead of black and fitted with cabinetry and appurtenances required of ambulance and first aid personell. The ambulance building was originally on West street, and actually constructed by, and with donated materials from its early members.

It was in the early 1970's that the first box van "rigs" were purchased which felt truly luxurious by prior standards for corps personell used to the cramped space in the old Cadillacs. Today the corps is domiciled in a modern quarters on S. Van Brunt St., just South of Police headquarters

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