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In the 1891 map of the 4th ward of Englewood, in the collection of the Englewood Library, [1], there is clearly a building on the south side of Palisade Ave, designated as "Armory", between William St. and Bennett Rd. which correlates with the descriptions in the Sterling book. In the Englewood Book, Sterling says that the "Gray School.... transferred classes to the armory on Van Brunt St." [2], but later she says the armory was built on Palisade Ave west, .... previously had been moved from Van Brunt St... to the "Phelp's property on Palisade Ave. [3] In this 1891 map, it squarely in the area designated as being owned by Phelps. At the time, there was no street connecting Englewood ave with Palisade Ave at that point. It now seems clear that when that street was paved, it was named for the Armory.



1891 map of 4th ward with "Armory"
1860 map; before Armory St existed (Click to enlarge)


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