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The Englewood Auxiliary Police force was initially authorized in 1914. 20 men were authorized. The Auxiliary Police was eventually placed by State law under the Department of Civil Defense, and its members were unarmed, but in Police Uniforms, (under State laws they could have been armed at the discretion of the Chief of Police).

During World War II, there was a special Police Reserve consisting of some 217 men, trained and directed by Jacob Abrams [1], who once served as an Auxiliary police officer.

The department continued until 1976, when its last Chief was Dr. Stephen J. Press, who was also Director of Civil Defense appointed in 1974 by Mayor Walter Taylor. At that time it consisted of 38 officers, all of whom had completed training at the Bergen County Auxiliary Police Academy, at that time held in Paramus. By 1981 a 5th session of the Bergen County Auxiliary Police Academy was actually held in Englewood, in which numerous Citizens of Englewood and mnay other towns were graduated, including several members of the Englewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
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Duties of Auxiliary Police officers included motor patrol in a car specifically designated as "Auxiliary Police". They had access to the police radio, and were not to make traffic stops, but to report any suspicious or criminal activity to the desk and bring regular officers to any "scene". They walked the shopping areas, and stood by at construction sites, when regular officers were unavailable to take such jobs as paid off-duty spots. Auxiliary officers assisted at parades, e.g., the 4th of July events and rode in the regular cars alongside regular officers. In general they provided additional eyes and ears on the streets, and assisted in duties that allowed regular officers to enforce the law.


The department was ultimately disbanded after Mayor Sandy Greenberg came into office. 24 of the 70 municipalities in Bergen County still have established auxiliary police organizations.


In 2015, under Mayor Frank Huttle a sort of Auxiiary police is being reconstituted. This time, as paid, unarmed, "specials", under direction of the Chief of Police. [2]

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