Edward S. Brayton

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E. S. Brayton

Edward S. Brayton, Esq.
Born ca 1817 [1]
Utica, NY [1]
Died Btw 1889-1891 [2]
Utica, NY
Nationality American
Education Law
Alma mater Union College, Rutgers Law
Occupation Law, Business
Known for Businessman
Religious beliefs Dutch Reformed Protesant
Spouse(s) Catherine Cortinious (Apr 17, 1826) [3]
Children Edw (b 1849); Sarah (b 1853); Arthur (b 1860); Mary (b 1863); Susan (b 1866); Emma (b 1869) [4]

Edward S. Brayton, Esq. (b 1817, Utica, NY) is notable, as he was an early investor in land in Englewood (1870's) (there being no evidence that he ever lived here), and Brayton St. is named for him. He attended Utica High School [5]. And then Union College in Schenectedy, NY, graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1852 [6]. In 1864, he is listed in the Rutger's College catalog as "Edward S. Brayton, Esq.", and practiced law in Utica, NY. [1] [7] In 1874, E.S. Brayton, was President of the Utica Steam Engine Company, on Fayette St. in that city. [8] In 1878 he is still listed as residing at 672 Utica St., in Oneida Cty, NY [9]. Mr. Brayton certainly knew J. Wyman Jones from his church, of which Jones was a member [10]. The first meeting at Jones's building, the City was proposed to be named "Brayton" among other choices. He was President of the Board of Trustees of the Dutch Reformed Protestant Church in Utica, and, among other positions , superintendent of their Sunday School [11]. Near the end of his life he had risen to become the President of the 2nd National Bank of Utica, and was succeeded by William Mansfield White abt 1889 when he passed. [2] In the 1893 and 1908 Utica City Directory, his widow, Catherine was still listed as living at 262 Genesee Ave., in Utica. Thus she must have lived until abt. 1909.


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