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Brinckerhoff Ct. site of the Brinckerhoff Manor apartments laid out in the 1940's, was named for Elbert A. Brinckerhoff the City's first mayor [1], and member of the Brinckerhoff family, headed by Joris Dircksen Brinckerhoef, [2]the founder of the American branch of this famil, came from the County of Drent, of Drenthe in the United Provinces of Holland, and having lived some time at Flushing, a seaport in Zealand, arrived in this Country in 1638. He settled on Staten Island, and entered intoa contract with Cornelius Melyn, the owner of the island, to reside there: but owing to the murder of some neighboring planters by the Indians, in 1641 he obtained a release from the contract, August 15, 1641. Then he went and settled in Brooklyn. He married Susannah Dubbels, who died January 16, 1661. The family settled in Bergen County at a very early day, and is one of the oldest and best known in the eastern part of New Jersey.


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