Clarence Dillworth Kerr

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Clarence Dillworth Kerr

Hon. Clarence Dillworth Kerr
Born 1888
Died Sept 21, 1967
Englewood, NJ
Nationality American
Education Law
Alma mater Princeton; Columbia University(LLB)
Occupation Lawyer
Home town 217 Cedar St., Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood 1922-23
Religious beliefs Presbyterian
Spouse(s) Janet Brickerhoff

Clarence Dillworth Kerr, Esq. was notable for having served as the Mayor of Englewood from [1]

At the time of his passing, Mr. Kerr was a senior partner in the patent law firm of Fish, Richardson G Neave [2] of 20 Exchange Place New York, died Sept 21, 1967 at his home, 217 Cedar Street. Englewood, NJ. He was 79 years old. Mr. Kerr was active in the public and civic life of Englewood for more than half a century. He came to Englewood with his family in his early youth, and attended the Englewood School for Boys and the Lawrenceville School. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University in 1901, as president of his class, and a Bachelor of Laws from Columbia University three years later. Mr. Kerr then joined the firm of White & Case in New York.

In 1907 he was employed by Bakewell & Byrnes of New York [2], remaining until 1910, when he joined Fish, Richardson & Neave. He was for many years a trustee of the Lawrenceville School, and served as president of the board and president emeritus. He was a member of the Graduate Council of Princeton.

In recognition of his services in connection with Princeton alumni activities for more than fifty years [2], classmates and other friends contributed funds several years ago to establish the Clarence D. Kerr Alcove in the new Princeton Campus Center project. Mr. Kerr had served as Mayor of this city in 1922-23; as president of the Englewood Hospital Association from 1930 to 1935 and as chairman of the hospital’s committee on future developments from 1943 until 1966 [2]. He received a special plaque at the time of the laying of the cornerstone of the new hospital wings in 1953. [2]

Active in Church ; for many years Mr. Kerr had been active in the First Presbyterian Church of Englewood [2]. He served in many official capacities, including superintendent of the Sunday school, a deacon, member at the session and as an elder [2].

At Princeton, Mr. Kerr also was former secretary and former treasurer of the class of ’O1 [2]; vice chairman of the Princeton Alumni Association and vice-Chairman or the university’s committee on undergraduate affairs [2].

Other activities included the presidency of the Englewood Council of Boy Scouts, 1919-21[2]; the presidency of the Englewood Free Public Library[2], 1924-30: helping to found and membership on the board of managers of the Englewood Community Chest, 1936-41, and the chairmanship of the chest‘s board from 1939 to 1941[2].

Mr. Kerr served in the director's office of the Council of National Defense in 1917[2]; as secretary of the clearance committee of the War Industries Board from August, 1917, to April, 1918; as section head of the General Staff of the Purchase and Supply Branch, from April to September, 1918, and as a captain in the Chemical Warfare Service from October to December, 1918[2]. He was a member of the Downtown Athletic Association. the University Club and the Princeton Club, all of New York; the Nassau Club and Cap and Gown Club, both of Princeton: the Clayton (N. Y.) Yacht Club, the Englewood Club, the Englewood Field Club and the Knickerbocker Country Club. At Princeton, Mr. Kerr also was former secretary and former treasurer of the class of ’O1; vice chairman of the Princeton Alumni Association and vice-Chairman or the university’s committee on undergraduate affairs[2].


Surviving are his widow, the former Janet Brinckerhoff of Englewood; four sons, John B. Kerr of Washington, Harold B. Kerr of Englewood, Clarence D. Kerr Jr. of Chicago and William D. Kerr of Tampa, FIa.; a daughter. Mrs. Leslie Taggart of Southport, Conn.; a brother, John C. Kerr; a sister, Miss Lois Kerr, and thirteen grandchildren [2].


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