Thomas W. Demarest

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Thomas Demarest

Thomas W. Demarest
Born 1817
Nationality American
Occupation Politician
Religious beliefs Christian Reformed
Spouse(s) Mary Ann Lydecker (b. Feb 15, 1820)[1]

Thomas Demarest (descended from "Des Marais", a French Huguenot family), is notable as he was born in Englewood in 1817, the son of the Rev. Dominie Demarest and Margaret Lydecker. He even married another of the numerous Lydecker descendants, Mary Ann. He farmed, and served a Freeholder in Hackensack (1849), State Senator (1854) and Speaker of the House (1855), and was Bergen County Clerk for ten years. He secured the right of way and the contract to build the Northern railway and served as President and Treasurer. [2] He was the first Elder of the Christian reformed Church organized here April 1, 1875. [1].


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