Donald Mackay

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Donald Mackay

Hon. Donald Mackay
Born 1863
Portchester, NY
Nationality American
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood, NJ
Spouse(s) Jennie Wise

Donald Mackay was born in 1863 in Portchester, NY, [1]but resided in Brooklyn in his youth. Later entering the business of Vermilye & Company, Wall street bankers, as a junior clerk, but by the time of is arrival in Englewood, [1] he had risend to junior partner. They built a house on Dwight place [1]. By 1880 he was on the Board of the Englewood Democratic club [1]. In those days police services were provided by a constable Townsend, retained by a Protection committee, which Mackay chaired. In October of 1887, he was a member of the fire Committee as well, as he had served as a volunteer fireman in Brooklyn. By 1904, we had a library, and Mr. Mackay was Teasurer of the board as well [1]. In 1906 he was elected Mayor of Englewood, and served til 1909 when he retired from office at the end of his term.[1] Mackay park is named for him.


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