Edward M. Hasse

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Edward M. Hasse

Edward M. Hasse
Born July 7, 1909 [1]
New York City [1]
Died Jan. 1978 [2]
Nationality American
Education 8th grade [3]
Occupation Electrical supplies
Employer Hasse Electric
Home town Englewood
Known for Electrician
Spouse(s) Leona Antoinette Shannon (b. 30, May 1922 - d. 19 Oct. 1993) [4] Louise Greene [5]
Children Edward M. Hasse, Jr., Gladys, Elizabeth and Richard

Edward M. Hasse (7th July, 1909 - Jan. 1978) was born, in Manhattan to parents Max E. and Carla Haase [6] who emigrated from Germany. [1][7] By 1920 they had moved to Front St., in Teaneck, where he lived with his parents, younger brother Max and sister Ruth. By 1940, at age 20, he had completed the 8th grade, and was working self-employed as an elecrtician. [3] He opened Hasse Electic, an electrical contractors supply store on West Palisade Ave, near Humphrey St. He also was instrumental for the founding of the Englewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps, for which he served as President from 1954-1957 and captain from 1954-1963 and again in 1966 and 1968. Mr. Hasse was a charter member of the Bergen County Mounted Deputy Sheriff's, as he had a horse which he kept at the stable on his own property, the last such property in Englewood to be grandfathered to do so.


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