Edward T.Truslowe

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Please note that this bio was largely re-constructed from geneaological, US Census and other records
It may be inaccurate, and better dates are sincerely solicited WikiEnglewood.org appreciates any contribution to update it.

Edward T. Truslowe

Chief Edw. Taylor Truslowe
Born Nov 23, 1893 [1]
Englewood, NJ
Died June 13, 1964 [2]
Cause of death Heart attack
Nationality American
Occupation Fire fighter
Years active At least 1917 to the at least 1959 [3]
Employer City of Englewood
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Fire Chief
Spouse(s) Louise [4]
Children Dorothy L. (b. 1923);
Robert E. (b. July 12, 1924 - Jan. 1992 )[4] [2]

Edward Taylor Truslowe - (Nov 23, 1893 - June 13, 1964) [5]was Chief of the Englewood Fire Department from sometime in the 1940's til at least 1959 [3]. As of his WWI Draft registration, he was living on Broad Ave and already a firefighter. By 1940 his family was living at 100 W. Hamilton Ave., in Englewood, and had attained the rank of Captain.[4] In his continuing dedication to his profession, he was a trustee of the New Jersey/New York Volunteer Firemens Association, and died of a heart attack while working on a meeting in Leonia, on June 13, 1964. [2]


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