Elbert Adrain Brinckerhoff

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Elbert Adrain Brinckerhoff

Hon. Elbert Adrain Brinckerhoff
Born November 29, 1838
Died March 23, 1913
Resting place Brookside Cemetary
Nationality American
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood 1899-1900

Elbert Adrain Brinckerhoff, Sr. (November 29, 1838 – March 23, 1913) was the Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey and the founder of Brinckerhoff, Turner and Company. He was president of Merchants National Bank and president of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and vice president of the American Bible Society.[1][2]


He was born on November 29, 1838 in Jamaica, Queens, New York. He was a son of Mary Adrain and John N. Brinckeroff, and grandson of mathematician Robert Adrain.[2][3][4]

In 1854, at age 16, he moved to San Francisco and he took a job with Wells Fargo where he delivered the first pony express package from San Francisco to Sacramento. He later joined the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance. He returned to New York City in 1860.[1]

He moved to Englewood, New Jersey in 1867 and married Emily A. Vermilye on April 22, 1869. His son, Elbert Adrain Brinckerhoff, Jr. (1874-1943), was born in 1874. The couple also had six daughters.[5][1]

He was elected Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey in 1899 and recommended an increase in the police force from seven police officers to nine police officers. He also recommended the building of the city hall.[6][7]

He died March 23, 1913, in Englewood, New Jersey and was buried in Brookside Cemetery (Englewood, New Jersey).[1]

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