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Please note that this bio was largely re-constructed from geneaological, US Census and other records
It may be inaccurate, and better dates are sincerely solicited WikiEnglewood.org appreciates any contribution to update it.

Elbert G. Earley

Chief Elbert G. Earley
Born Dec 9, 1911 [1]
Died July 17, 1993 [2]
Venice, FL [2]
Nationality American
Years active 1942-1967 [2]
Employer City of Englewood
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Chief of Police, Englewood, NJ
Spouse(s) Amanda (b. 1911) [3]
Children Virginia (B. 1936) [3]

Elbert Gregory Earley - (Dec 9, 1911-July 17, 1993) [4] Mr. Earley was appointed to the force as a patrolman in 1942. He was promoted to sergeant in 1951, to lieutenant in 1954, and to captain in 1959. His father, John, was also an Englewood police officer and retired as a sergeant in 1925. [2] He was made Chief of Police of Englewood, in 1964 and served until 1967 when he retired.

In Sept., 1964 he made the front page of the NY Daily News for a capture with then patrolman Peter Timpone, of a would be bank robber. As of the 1940 Census, the family was living at 81 Lafayette pl., with their daughter Virginia. [3] By 1983 they had retired to Venice, Fl. [1] When Mr. Earley was promoted to police chief in 1964, he was ordered to overhaul the department, which had become lax under a specially created police director, named Joe Lawless. While head of the department, he reassigned personnel with an emphasis on an increased patrol force and began an immediate crackdown on speeders and traffic violators.

"One of his pet peeves was giving out summonses," said Police Chief William Luciano, who was a motorcycle patrolman at the time. "He would call you if he saw a car parked illegally. He built up the traffic section."

A disciplinarian who came from a police family, he was fond of short haircuts, sports jackets, and German shepherds.

Mr. Earley was responsible for organizing the first police and community-relations course to be given in Bergen County. He stressed in-service training for each member of the force and stepped up programs in firearms training and target practice.

"He knew his business," said Luciano. "He knew police work. He didn't like problems."

Mr. Earley was also a member of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police and the Detectives' Crime Clinic, an association of New York and New Jersey police and security agents. [2]

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