Francis J. Donovan

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Francis J. Donovan

Hon. Francis J. Donovan
Born Ca 1894 [1][2]
New York
Nationality American
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood (1964-1965) resigned from Office [3]
Spouse(s) Teresa D. [1]
Children Robert D. (b. 1921) ; and Joan M. (b. 1925)

Francis J. Donovan' is notable for having served as Mayor of Englewood from 1964-1965, and for resigning his office [3]. When Austin Volk decided not to seek re-election, he announced that Francis Donovan would be the Republican candidate put up for the post. Previously he had been Vice-Chairman of the Board of Adjustment [2]. After one year in the then contentious office (racial tension were mounting in Englewood over imbalances in the schools), he, and Councilman Rex Conner, announced that they were resigning over ill health, and stated that the racial issues had nothing to do with their resignations[2].

He brought his family from New York prior to 1940, when they lived at 179 Everett Pl., and had two Children, Robert D. (b.1921) and Joan M. (b.1925) [1]


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