Hezekiah Birtwhistle

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Hezekiah Birtwhistle

Hon. Hezekiah Birtwhistle
Born Auguust 9th 1866
Birkenhead, England
Died Oct 7, 1911
Englewood, NJ
Cause of death "failing health"
Nationality American
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Acting Mayor of Englewood, NJ January 1911 to October 1911. Died in office

Hezekiah Birtwhistle was born August 9, 1866 at Birkenhead, England.[1] He came ot the US in 1869 with his family, and attended PS7. Later private tuition and and the study of engineering prepared him for his profession. he served eight years with J. H. Serviss. Among the important works in which he participated were the laying out of the Allison property, and the opening of Lafayette park. He entered politics in 1895 when he was elected City "assessor" under the "freeholder" Andrew Bogert [2], just before we changed to a form of government requiring a Mayor. Upon the election in 1895 of Daniel Currie as our 1st official Mayor, Birtwhistle was re-elected as one of several Assessors, coming in on the Democratic ticket with 239 votes [2]. By 1989 he was returned a Councilman for the 4th Ward for second term [2]. In 1899 Birtwhistle was voted out of office, defeated by John M. Booth, by just 27 votes [2]. During Mayor Currie's Administration in 1902, Birtwhistle was appointed "Street Commissioner" [2]. He was later elected, with Edward DeWitt, to the Board of Freeholders [2]. November 1910 he defeated George Payson, by 239 votes for Councilman-at-large [2]. In January 1911, when James A.C. Johnson resigned to become a State Senator, Birtwhistle became Acting Mayor. In October tragically, he died in Office.[2]


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