Jacob Abrams

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Jacob Abrams

Chief Jack Abrams
Born June 23, 1893 [1]
Hoboken, NJ
Died Oct 19, 1964 [2]
Miami, FL
Resting place Riverside Cemetery, Rochelle Pk., NJ
Nationality American
Education 8th grade [3]
Occupation Law Enforcement officer
Years active Jun 16, 1915 [4][5]-Nov. 1, 1958 [2]
Employer City of Englewood
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Law Enforcement
Religious beliefs Jewish
Spouse(s) Alma (b. 1894); by 1950, Diane [2][6]
Children Helene ("Honey") Fromer (Step-daughter-N. Miami Beach, Fl)[2]; Dorothy Friedenberg (Step-daughter [2]-Hollywood, CA) [6]

Chief Jacob "Jack" Abrams Born "Jacob Abrahams", in Hoboken, NJ June 23, 1893, to Sarah Weinthal [7], and Hart Abrahams, who went by Hans Abrams from 1900 until resuming his name Hart in [8] 1910. He was the youngest of three children (Carrie, Simon and Jacob) [8], and was raised by his father, as his mother, was not living with them by 1900 [8], and Hans now Hart, was listed as Wid. by 1910. [9]

He joined the Auxiliary police Oct 7, 1915 and the regular police department in June 16, 1916 [6], and was assigned as the department's first motorcycle officer. In 1917 "Jacob Abrahams" [10] was sent overseas with the 307th Artillery, 78th Division, as Chief mechanic on the French .75. saw action in the Toul, St. Michel, Meuse Argonne and Grand Pre battle scenes [11] . He was honorably discharged in 1919, when he returned to the force. After serving one year as the department's first plainclothes Detective [11], in 1924, he was appointed acting Detective Sergeant Nov 29, 1922; acting Captain, Jan. 1, 1924 and full Captain, Aug. 5, 1924; acting Chief; and just prior to Dec 1, 1949, acting Chief; [11] and Chief in January of 1950. [4] In 1956 he was President of the Bergen County Assoc. of Chiefs of Police. [12] Chief Abrams retired on Nov. 1, 1958 [2].


He was a trustee of the Englewood Elks Lodge, member of the Foresters of America, American Legion Post 78, and the Army Navy Club of Englewood; a charter member of the Brown-O'Brien Post, VFW, and 1st Vice-President of the Superior Officers Association of New Jersey, Bergen County Local 10. [6]

Awards and distinctions

In 1922 the PBA awarded him a diamond studded pin for his service as their President. In 1945, he was awarded the Department's Gold star bar for bravery in the face of death, for capturing one Bernard Romprey of Vermont, wanted at the time in four murders. [11] Romprey was sent to a mental insitution and later released. He made a life thereafter as a jeweler and watch repairman, and apparently married an aide he met in the mental hospital.

The department held annual pistol tounaments, and he was such a distinguished shot, that he handily won the tournament numerous consecutive times, and under the rules, took permanent posession of the trophy. [11]In 1937 he was one of the founders of EPD's traffic bureau, and during the Second World War, he lead and trained a corps of 217 men in the City's Special Police Reserve[11].

Personal life

In 1920, he is listed in the US Census records as a "policeman"; still single, and boarding at the home of his sister Carrie's [8] husband, Harold Grunberg, cum Charles H. Greenberg, who would become Councilman in Englewood. [13] In 1930 the US Census still lists him as "policeman", though already Detective Sergeant [14] and living at 35 Mattlage pl. with 1st wife Alma. As of 1940 [3] when he had already made captain, he lived at 276 Palisade Ave. with his 1st wife, Alma, where they rented a flat. [3] By 1950 they were living at 185 East Palisade Ave. The article says he was living with his wife Diane [2] (apparently a second marriage), and step-daughter "Honey", [6]. Another step-daughter, Dorothy Friedenberg, was already living in Hollywood, CA [2].

External links

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