James A. Terhune

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Please note that this bio was largely re-constructed from geneaological, US Census and other records
It may be inaccurate, and better dates are sincerely solicited WikiEnglewood.org appreciates any contribution to update it.

James A. Terhune

Chief James A. Terhune
Nationality American
Occupation Law Enforcement OFficer
Years active Ca 1890 to 1899
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Chief of Police
Spouse(s) Ann (b. 1863) [1]
Children Leroy J Terhune (b 1890); Bessie C Terhune (b 1891)
Mildred M Terhune (b 1894); Albert J Terhune (b.1895) [1]

James A. Terhune was appointed Chief of Police, of the five member force (Peter Ryan, John Markham, P.J. Quirk,Thomas Conklin and Richard Baldwin) in 1896 under the "pre" official administration of Daniel A. Currie, (i.e. prior to the incorporation of the City), [2]. He served until Frank Titus was named Chief, and the city appointed several new officers bringing the force to the number of 7 men, after only two years on the job, by Mayor Elbert A. Brinckerhoff in 1899. After he left the Department, he remained in the City and was apparently working as a "Painter" [1].