John J. Madden

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John J. Madden

Chief John J. Madden
Born 28, Apr. 1907 [1]
Stamford, CT[2] [1]
Died Thurs., August 31, 1978 [2]
Englewood, NJ
Resting place Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Tenafly [2]
Nationality American
Occupation Law Enforcement Officer
Years active 1929 -1968 [2][3] - 1968 [4]
Employer City of Englewood
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Chief of Police
Religious beliefs Catholic
Spouse(s) Lucy Dickinson [5] (b. 1904) [1]
Children none

John J Madden - (April 28, 1907 - August 1978) was Chief of Police in Englewood, from December of 1967 to only 1968. [4]. He began his climb in 1929 when he was appointed to the Auxiliary Police, where he worked for two years and then joined the full time police department. [2] In 1964, as a Sergeant, his rise was swift. He was commended for the single-handed apprehension of the New York hold-up artist, Harrel Barton. By 1967 he was named Acting Chief, and he became Chief in December of that year. It would be short-lived however, as he resigned after return from a three week vacation, due to friction with the Democratic controlled Council. [2]

During his career, he was instrumental in forming many Police organizations. He was a Charter member and founder of the PBA Mutual aid society, and served as its President and Secretary. He was President of PBA Local 86, and a state delegate to Trenton on its behalf. He was the Englewood Police Department's representative to the Police and Fireman's Pension Commission [2].

Personal life

Chief Madden was sports minded too. He was charter member and first president of the Bergen County PBA Bowling Association, and an Charter member and Chairman of the PBA mutual Aid golf tournament. [2] He won the Englewood Lion's Club's golf trophy three consecutive years, and was described as a "qualifed expert" in a pistol match co-sponsored by the Bergen County Police chiefs and the Bergen Evening Record [2]. He was a member of the St. Cecilia's Holy Name Society. He was survived by his wife, Lucy and two brothers, Vincent of Atlanta, and James of Dumont. [2]


In 1940 his family was renting at 308 Liberty Rd. [1] His family came to Tenafly, from Connecticut around 1910, after his 2nd b'day.[6].


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