Nathan T. Johnson

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Nathan T. Johnson

Nathan T. Johnson
Born (b. 1826) [1]
Nationality American
Spouse(s) Elizabeth [1]
Children Frank (b (1854) [1]

As of the 1870 US Census, there was one Nathan T. Johnson, (b. 1826) in the Real Estate business, residing here with wife, Elizabeth (b. 1827) and son Frank (b. 1854), (Englewood P.O.) [1]. Nathan was a friend of Jeffrey A. Humphrey's [2]. This Johnson was involved in the creation of the Englewood Baseball Club and built a house "way up on Palisade Ave., which was framed in Boston, brought by schooner to the Hudson and carted to the site", where it was put together. The Johnsons resided there for a few years until it was destroyed by fire. [2]

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Other Johnsons

Richard H. Johnson
Born 1833 [3]
New York, NY
Died Bef 1910
Nationality American
Home town Englewood
Known for Oil Agent [3]
Spouse(s) Sarah G. C. [3]
Children William C. (b. 1858) (Bank Clerk)[3]; David A (b.1874)-Sec'y [4]; H.Linsly, Esq. (b.1876) [4]; Florence H (b.1867)[3]; S. Arthur (b. 1873)[3]; Herbert L (b.1875) [3]

There were several Johnson's in the settlement days of Englewood; Richard H. Johnson, was an oil agent who lived in the "Western Dist." of Englewood, in the 1880's with his young wife (probabaly a 2nd marriage), and several children. His homestead was located off present day Teaneck Rd. on land that had been owned by William Walter Phelps. By the 1910 Census, his widow (age 68) was living with three of their children and a servant on Booth Ave., as neighbors of Mayor Dan Fellows Platt [4].

A (Alvan?). J. Johnson

There was an even larger property owned by one A.J. Johnson as of 1876. but one can find no trace of him, or his family in Englewood/Teaneck in the census records of the time. There is a record of one Alvan J. Johnson in New York at the time who was in the book publishing business. (but there as no discernable tie to Englewood).


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