Palisades Mountain House

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Palisades Mountain House

The Palisades Mountain House was a hotel located atop the The Palisades (Hudson River) in Englewood, New Jersey during the late 19th century.[1][2][3][4] The house was built as a Summer hotel, by Andrew D. Bogert for a syndicate comprising William B. Dana, William Walter Phelps, George S. Coe, Garrett A. Lydecker, Cornelius Lydecker, and Jacob S. Wetmore. The Building stood on thebluff, south of the terminus of Palisade Ave., and was a landmark for travelers on the river steamers. A broad piazza across the front and outlook piazzas on the north and south ends of the building, afforded views up and down the river. The hotel was successfully conducted for a number of eyars, one of its most noted managers being "Dave" Hammond, of the Murray Hill Hotel, New York. the House at last shared the fate of many Summer hotels of the period, of destruction by fire. In later years the property passed into the hands of William O. Allison, who built an artistic stone mansion near the site of the hotel, which also burned at a later time. [5]


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