Peter DeJong

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Peter DeJong, PhD

Dr. Peter DeJong
Nationality American
Alma mater DMHS (1958); MIT
Occupation Computer Scientist
Employer IBM
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Computer Science

Peter De Jong, PhD - The Dwight Morrow High School Hall of fame inducted Peter de Jong as a charter member in 1983 [1] for his innovative scientific and engineering work in computer systems. His work ranges over the areas of artificial intelligence, computer science, and software engineering. Some of the highlights include working on foundational massively large computer software systems: the flight testing and certification system for the Boeing 727; the IBM operating system (OS/360); the IBM Timesharing system (TSS/360); and the Shell Oil real-time transaction system (STADAC).

At IBM research he received two outstanding contributions awards. The first was a software system used to control the building of very large software systems (The System Building System (SBS)). The second was for Relational Data Base Research and for the creation and leading of the project that became the world’s first commercial relational database system (Query-by-Example (QBE)).

At MIT he performed research at the Artificial Intelligence lab and obtained a PHD in computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. His areas of research were artificial intelligence, massively parallel computation, and large scale distributed organizations.

Some of his later work included building IBM’s first generation of parallel computers, and leading object-oriented distributed computing projects for Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

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