Robert Story Tipping

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Robert Story Tipping

Hon. Robert Story Tipping
Born 04 May 1887 [1]
Englewood, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Died 30 May 1977
Tenafly, NJ
Nationality American
Education Law School
Alma mater Univ of Michigan
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood, October 1937 to 1939 [2]
Spouse(s) Helen Elizabeth Shepard (27 Oct. 1891)[3]
Children Joan Perlee (b 1919), (NYC) [4]; Mary Story (Livingham, MA) (b. 1925) [5] (d. Jun 10, 2010) [4]

Robert Story Tipping was a 1911 graduate of the University of Michigan Law school[6].

According to the 1920 US Census, he was living in NYC at the time and working as a Jeweler's ass't [3]. By 1930 he had moved to 233 Hudson Ave., Englewood, and was the County Treasurer and Att'y [4]. In 1939 he was involved in a very public request for a fight against the curtailment of the Erie railroad's cars from service, claiming that it would set back mail delivery 30 years. [7]. By 1942, he was residing at 233 W. Hudson Ave [1]. He was practicing law at 2 N. Dean St., and became President of the "Northern Railroad Communities Association", a non-profit association working to oversee the railroad improvements previously mentioned. [8] He was creative too: in a somewhat (from today's perspective) humorous vein, on Sept, 20, 1941 it made national news that he protested the appointment of a Harold Abrams, a Democrat, who was six feet 5 inches tall, on the grounds that it would endanger the secrecy of the ballot, since "he could peer over the curtains which only extended to 6 feet tall". [9] In 1943, he was Bergen County Sheriff, and got embroiled in an investigation involving the Governor, then Edison, over gambling issues. [10] in 1954 he ran an unsuccessful campaign to unseat Frank Osmers, in the 9th congressional district in the Republican primaries. Osmers had the support of the Republican Committee. [10]


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