The Book of Englewood

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The Book of Englewood was a publication of the City of Englewood in 1922. It consisted of 508 pages, of the story of the City and its origins and founding, with numerous illustrations and photos of famous people. It's primary author was Adaline W. Sterling, who was commissioned by a committee called "Committee on the History of Englewood". The committee consisted of:

Committee officers

  • Chairman - Peter S. Duryee
  • Treasurer - Lance M. Parsons
  • Secretary - Charles H. May


  • Harris E. Adriance
  • John B. Allison
  • Clinton B. Blake, Jr., Former Mayor
  • Floyd R. DuBois
  • Allan C. Hoffman
  • Dan F. Platt, Former Mayor
  • Joseph H. Tillotson
  • Byron G. Van Horne

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