Tuscan Lodge, F&AM, No 115

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Tuscan Lodge, F&AM (Free and Accepted Masons), No 115 is notable, as it occupied a stately position just behind the liberty pole a the crossroads of Tenafly Rd and Lafayette Av, by the present day "Monument" circle. It was founded in 1871, and continued until about 197? when it merged into Wm. F. Burk Lodge No 230, in Bogota.



  • Treasurer: Alexander Cass [1]
  • Secretary: John A. Hyde

Charter members

  • Peter Rogers
  • John E. Wentz
  • William C. Davis
  • Alexander Cass
  • Moses E. Springer
  • John A. Dale
  • John A. Hyde
  • Jacob Campbell
  • Samuel Stalter
  • Joseph Conklin

Trusteees for 1899

  • William C. Davis (1 yr.)
  • Robert Stevenson (2 yrs.)
  • Henry Booth (3 yrs.)

Finance Committee


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