John Van Nostrand

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John Van Nostrand

John Van Nostrand
Born 1823
Died 30 Sept, 1868 [1]
New York [1]
Nationality American
Home town Englewood
Spouse(s) Martha Lydecker
Children Martha (1845-1925); Charles (1851-1851) [1]

John Van Nostrand is notable as he was one of the early settlers in Englewood. He was married to Martha Lydecker, younger sister of Mary Ann Lydecker [2], the wife of Thomas W. Demarest, who owned 100 acres bounded on the south by Van Nostrand Ave, for whom it is named. [3]

Family tree

The daughter, Martha, married Homer Davenport (1844-1920) and they had Charles (b.1871); George (1872-1926); and daughter Florence V (1882-1958), who married James N. Little (1878-1956). [1]