Watson Gerould Clark, Jr.

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Watson Gerould Clark, Jr.

Hon. Watson Gerould Clark, Jr.
Born 12 Jan 1904 [1]
Tenafly, New Jersey
Nationality American
Alma mater Cornell ('26)
Occupation Realtor
Employer Lansing, inc
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood (1954-1955)
Religious beliefs Episcopal
Spouse(s) Helen Mary Goodman ( B: Ca 1911[1]; M: 6/14/1928) [2]
Children William Goodman; William Gerould (III) [3]

Watson Gerald Clark, Jr. is notable for having served as Mayor of Englewood from 1954-1955. He was a 1926 graduate of Cornell University [4]. In 1952 he was President of the City Council [4]. He had served as President of the Englewood Rotary club; Chairman of the Englewood Red Cross and President of the Bergen County Board of Realtors [4]. He was President of the real estate company, Lansing, inc. at 67 Dean St., Englewood. [5]

He had two sons; William Goodman and William Gerould (III), both Cornell grads. [3]


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