Willa Cherot

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Please note that this bio was last published in the 1979 or 1980 City Calendar
It may be seriously out of date, and Englewoodbook.org appreciates any contribution to update it.

Willa Cherot

Willa Cherot
Nationality American
Occupation Model, business person
Employer 20th Century Fox; Walt's Suusage co.
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Model
Spouse(s) Edward Cherot
Children Hon. Joseph Clark, Esq.; Walter Clark; and, Arba Wildanger,EMT

Willa Cherot - is a former John Robert Powers model who posed for Vogue and Mademoiselle. She later worked at Twentieth Century Fox Studios, and appeared in several movies. She was owner and president of the Uncle Walt’s Sausage Company, Inc., in N.Y.C. which she operated after her first husband died. The company sponsored baseball and basketball teams for teenage boys and girls; it also offered training in the arts of makeup, poise, and fashion for self-improvement. Mrs. Cherot is the mother of three children;Joseph Clark, Esq. Englewood's former Municipal Court Judge; Walter Clark, member of the Englewood Fire Department, and Arba Wildanger, emergency medical technician. She is married to Edward Cherot, a real estate and insurance broker. She was (as of 1979) president of Citizens United for Englewood, a member of the League of Women Voters, and was the Englewood liason to the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission. [1]


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