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Dana Place

Wiliam B. Dana, Esq.
Born Ca 1830 [1]
Utica, NY [1]
Nationality American
Occupation Lawyer, Publisher [2]
Home town Englewood, NJ [2]
Known for Brother-in-law of J. Wyman Jones
Spouse(s) Catherine F. [3] (b. 1836 [3] - d. bef. 1900)
Children Ethel D. Shepard (b. 1865) [4]

Dana Place is named for William B. Dana (1830 - to, James and Harriet Dana)[1]. Among the first arrivals of 1861 were Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dana, who came from Utica, N. Y., through the influence of J. Wyman Jones. Mr. Dana's brother-in-law. Mr. Dana bought a tract of land on the Palisades, overlooking the Hudson, a part of one of the old Lydecker farms, and began building a large house of native stone, also an entrance lodge, barn and other outbuildings of the same material. As soon as the house was completed, the Danas took up their residence on the Palisades. Both Mr. and Mrs. Dana were persons of culture, given to good works in quiet, unassuming manner. Mr. Dana was a brother of Prof.James D. Dana, of Yale College, and was himself editor of the Financial Chronicle, the standard authority on business conditions throughout the country [2]. Mrs. Dana was a daughter of John G. Floyd, a prominent lawyer of Utica, twice member of Congress from that district. She was a woman of fine intellect, literary ability, and of a deeply religious trend of mind, which manifested itself in her published works. Under the cliff, at this time, there was a settlement of families of native stock, descendants of those who made their homes along the river bank in the early days of Bergen county. There were also some families living on top of the hill at Coytesville. Those living under the cliff were, For the most part, fishermen, owners of small sailing craft. Their environment between the river and the wall of the Palisades had limited outside intercourse and deprived the families of many advantages. Mrs. Dana made personal acquaintance with her neighbors under and on top of the cliff; she established Sunday school and church services which were held every Sunday in her drawing room. From this beginning grew a mission of the Dutch reformed Church at coytesville.[5]. In 1869, together with Senator Cornelius Lydecker and others, built the Palisades Mountain House a huge hotel overlooking the Hudson River [Sic- remember this wss still Englewood. Today, it's Englewood Cliffs]. Unfortunately in 1871 it burned to the ground and the property was acquired by W.O. Allison (Allison Ave., Englewood Cliffs).[6]

PMH - ca 1870

After the fire, Ca. 1872

Dana had a sister, Adelia (b. 1833)[1].

By 1894, Mr. Dana had moved from Englewood (Coytesville) area [7], and was apparently living with his son-in-law William Shepard, Sr., family in Moriches, L.I., and listed his employment as "capitalist" in the 1900 US Census. [4]


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