William D. Ticknor

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William D. Ticknor

Hon. William D. Ticknor
Born 15 Oct 1907
Died April 1965 [1]
Englewood, NJ
Nationality American
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Mayor of Englewood (1965-1966) as acting Mayor
Religious beliefs [2][2]
Children Wm. D, Jr; Arthur W.; Julia W. [2]

William J. Ticknor is notable for having served as Mayor of Englewood from 1965-1966. He was Council President under Austin Volk, in 1963 when the Englewood Public Schools System as ordered by the Courts to integrate. [3] December 16, 1965 Francis J. Donovan resigned from office, and Ticknor became Acting Mayor. Several citizens, represented by inter alia, Sylvia Pressler in re: 86 N.J. Super. 501 (1965) Sued the City Council to prevent him from occupying both Council President and Mayor seats at the same time [4]. Defended by William Breslin, on Feb. 19, 1965 the Appellate Court affirmed the lower Court ruling, of G.H. Brown, J.S.C., that he in fact could maintain both positions.

He moved here with his family abt 1935 from Concord, NH, and lived at 40 Beech Road. [2]