William J. Alford, III

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William J. Alford, III

William J. Alford, III
Born Ca. 1915
Bogota, NJ
Died Dec 4, 2014
Nationality American
Alma mater Yale University
Occupation Businessman
Employer Alford Cartons
Home town Englewood
Known for Charitable works
Spouse(s) Susan Stewart (d. 1990), Henrietta Brooks
Children William John Alford IV, ( d. 2013); Walter Stewart Alford; Susan Alford Pozdena

William J. Alford, III was born to Irilla Frye Alford and Willliam John Alford Jr in Bogota, New Jersey, about 1915. - He was notable as he was a long time resident of Englewood, where he served on the Englewood School Board, the Englewood Rotary Club, Community Chest, Englewood Community Foundation, Englewood Club and Dwight Englewood School Board among other organizations. He had been a long time summer resident of Norfolk, Ct where he served on the boards of the Doolittle Lake Company Board and the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate. In his professional life Bill was a third-generation owner of Continental Paper Co. [1], which manufactured paperboard at a mill in Ridgefield Park. He also was part of a group that, in 1964, acquired Poland Spring Water. He was active in industry organizations. A friend and fellow Rotarian, Norman Davis, said Mr. Alford was not content to lead a self-centered retirement. "His mind was always ticking, always coming up with new projects," said Davis, a former Englewood councilman and school trustee. [1]

Through the Rotary, Mr. Alford played host to a mother and baby from Ukraine who came to the United States for the child's lifesaving heart surgery. Finding it hard to say goodbye, he went back to Ukraine with them and spent time in their village.[1]

Many of Mr. Alford's efforts targeted Englewood's young people. He helped found a youth council that sought to expand recreation. Through his church, First Presbyterian, he sent lower-income children to summer camp. He was a classroom tutor. He spoke to students about the value of education. He set up a computer lab at the Janis E. Dismus Middle School. He got others involved.[1]

He was a graduate of The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

Bill was a gregarious individual, and a force for social reform. He enjoyed getting people together to grapple with various issues. He had a great interest in improving the lives of young Englewood school-aged children. He was an avid reader with an impressive memory and analytical mind. [2]


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