William Luciano

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William Luciano

Chief William Luciano
Nationality American
Occupation Law Enforcement
Years active 1959 to 1994 [1]
Home town Englewood, NJ
Known for Police Chief, Englewood
Title Chief

William Luciano was Chief of the Englewood Police Department from 1981-1994. [1] Chief Luciano grew up in a modest frame house on Humphrey Street, a few yards from his official office. [1]. As a youth, he played football for Dwight Morrow High School in the '50's. [1] He was hired by the EPD, July 16, 1959, after rereturning from a two year stint in the Military. [1]. Luciano started out as a foot patrolman and was later shifted to motorcycle patrol for five years.[1] He was promoted to sergeant in 1967, lieutenant in 1971, captain in 1978, and deputy chief in 1979. [1] He became permanent police chief in 1992 when the city did away with a public-safety director, Don Rowan who headed all of Englewood's uniformed forces for ten years. [2][1]


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